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Class Descriptions

At Unity Barre we have all types of classes to fit your lifestyle. Choose from the following classes and get fit while having fun! Please bring yoga mat to all classes. Please wear leggings or pants.

Unity Barre A combo of cardio, ballet, resistance bands, weights and balls all set to fun high energy music to achieve a strong lean dancers body.

Unity Baby This is Barre class with a little help - your baby! Moms want to get back to their bodies but may not be able to get away or have a sitter. In this unique class moms can bring their babies and wear them in a carrier or sling!! No need for a sitter, you get to bond with your baby and burn more calories. The best part is your little one will LOVE the music and movement. There is an option of bringing a car seat carrier if you need to put them down. Also, we have 2 rooms for feeding and changing if needed!

Barre Basics Unity is owned by a dancer who knows that injury prevention is SO important. This class offers ballet barre (without the boring classical music) to learn proper alignment and placement. This is a little slower then regular barre class as it breaks it down more. Great for anyone with injuries, weak ankles, arches or lower back pain. Realign your body and be ready for Unity Barre!

Barre without the Barre This is core based class that uses a 3 foot free standing stick. No more gripping the ballet barre. In this class you learn to balance using your core by moving through center ballet work, lunges, kicks and lots of ab work!

Burlesque Come get your sexy on in a safe fun environment to learn sassy dance combinations all while toning and burning calories.

Dancer’s Stretch & Tone The key to being fit is to create space in the body and stretch those worked muscles. In this class we will do a dancer warm up getting the blood flowing and move into a deep stretch class using a combination of dance, yoga and Pilates to lengthen and tone.

Happycalmchild happycalmchild is a 4-week class where your child will learn coping skills through Focus and Trust Games, Movement, Breath Work, Yoga and Imagination Exercises among others. Please visit happycalmchild.com to sign-up and pay.

Gentle Yoga Gentle Yoga is where you unwind (sometimes by candlelight) to reduce stress calm the beast we call life. More of a restorative yoga.


Unlimited Classes & Wellness Session

Unlimited classes for a month! Choose from any of the above classes and receive a Wellness Session of your choice:

  • 1 hr massage
  • 1 hr nutrition consultation
  • 1 hr life couching session or
  • 1 hr food allergy testing!

Please call to book session

Hot Mama Package

This is an all-in-one package for the well deserving new moms out there! Unlimited classes for a month of any of the classes above including baby barre! Also included is a 1 hr baby massage workshop and a one-on-one nutrition consultation to get you back on track, to support you nutritionally through breast feeding or whatever your personal needs are! Call to purchase and get started today.

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot show up to the class for any reason, you must cancel 4 hours prior to your scheduled class. Failure to do so will result in a lost class and you will be charged. 

Auto Pay Members: No-shows will be charged $10.


Please bring your voucher via phone or print-out to your first class. You will not be able to attend the class otherwise. 

Membership Benefits
(w/ a purchase of a 6-month or 12-month contract)

*Cannot be combined with other discounts

  • Discount on Monthly Wellness Seminars
  • 10% off In-Store Purchases of Supplements
  • First priority Sign-up for all Wellness Sessions
  • Unlimited Classes (save $20/month for 6-month contract or $40/month for 12-month contract)