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Class Descriptions

At Unity Barre we have all types of classes to fit your lifestyle. Choose from the following classes and get fit while having fun! Please bring a yoga mat to all classes. Please wear leggings or pants.

Unity Barre
Come get the long, lean muscles of a dancer in Unity Barre! Based off of the small, isometric movements originating in classical ballet, Unity Barre works to lift and tone the seat, arms, abdominals, and thighs. This low-impact workout offers a great way to strengthen and lengthen muscles while still providing a cardio workout. No dance experience required! By employing the use of resistance bands, balls, and light weights we guarantee you’ll see a difference in your body!

Unity Baby
Introducing Unity Baby- the only barre class in the Inland Empire where moms get a little extra help from their baby! For new moms who would love to get their “pre-baby” body back but don’t have a sitter, Unity Baby is the perfect option. In this unique class, moms can bring their babies and wear them in a carrier while performing the low-impact movements of a barre class. No need for a sitter so you can workout, with Unity Baby you get to bond with your baby and burn more calories at the same time. The best part is that your little one will LOVE the music and movement while you will love the results. For your convenience, we have 2 rooms for feeding and changing.

Center Barre
This is core based class that takes place all in the center of the room. No cheating or gripping the barre here. We will also uses a 3 foot free standing stick. In this class you learn to balance using your core by moving through center ballet work, lunges, kicks and lots of ab work! This class is more advanced then Unity Barre.

Join us in Burlesque to get your “sexy on” while toning your muscles and blasting calories. Another first in the Rancho Cucamonga area, Burlesque offers a fun dance workout with sassy moves to get the body moving. Dance combinations are thoroughly broken down and explained so that no dance experience is needed.

Stretch & Tone
Stretch and Tone is the perfect complement to Unity Barre! Toning and strengthening the muscles is great but the real secret to a dancer’s body is to stretch and lengthen the muscles. This class will offer a low-impact dancer warm-up before moving into deep stretching, based in yoga and Pilates, to both lengthen and tone the muscles.

Adult Ballet and Tap Come learn the fundamentals of these classic styles of dance in a non competitive environment. For age 16 and above only. You will learn placement, terminology and combinations all while still working up a sweat and having fun!

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot show up to the class for any reason, you must cancel 4 hours prior to your scheduled class. Failure to do so will result in a lost class and you will be charged. 

Auto Pay Members: No-shows will be charged $10.

Groupon/Living SocIAL

Please bring your voucher via phone or print-out to your first class. You will not be able to attend the class otherwise.